Henry Ho: Lessons from Hong Kong National Security Law Legislation: Articles 23 and 45 of the Basic Law were Mistakenly Linked

The National People’s Congress has decided to authorize its Standing Committee to enact the “Hong Kong National Security Law”. All walks of life in Hong Kong […]

Sy Hon Ming Edmond : Why pan-democrats’ primary election is just a start for new political wrangle

In the previous weekend, the pan-democratic parties held a pre-elimination poll across the districts to screen out the “right” candidates running in the upcoming feisty Legislative […]

Henry Ho : America’s ‘Core Values’, How Many are Left?

I remember when I was an undergraduate student in Hong Kong, the textbooks were dominated by those from American universities, whether it was economics, sociology or […]

Henry Ho: National security office signifies a new era for HK

The Office for Safeguarding National Security in Hong Kong was inaugurated in the early morning on July 8, just one week after the enactment of the […]

Henry Ho: HK people must direct their vision back to the future

Starring Michael J Fox, the American science fiction film Back to the Future was released in 1985 and became one of the best-selling fiction movies in […]

Sy Hon Ming Edmond: The “Second Return” of Hong Kong

In midst of the year-long turmoil of social movement in Hong Kong, Beijing government recently has responded fiercely to those who intentionally destroy “national unity and […]

Gordon LAM: Sino-US is heading for rocks, opportunity knocks but once for Hong Kong people

President Donald Trump said he would strip several of Hong Kong’s special privileges after Beijing   `s announcement of introducing a new national security law. However, there […]

Henry Ho : Rational and science-based policy against Coronavirus needed.

What should Hong Kong do after months of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak around worldwide? The main strategy of anti-virus in Hong Kong over the past months was […]

Henry K C HO: How to Overcome Public Apathy towards Greater Bay Area?

Imagine your foreign friend is travelling to the Mainland and drops by Hong Kong for shopping. When he learned that theHong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and The Guangzhou […]