Henry Ho: Institutional advantages are key to defeating COVID-19

Hong Kong’s COVID-19 cases have skyrocketed since the Lunar New Year. It is heartbreaking to learn of the passing away of hundreds of our citizens, including […]

Henry Ho: Snow games can deepen trust between China and the world

After 14 years, Beijing is playing host to the Olympic Games again. While most Olympic cities in the world suffered staggering financial losses, or were plagued […]

Henry Ho: Democracy. . . but for whom?

Henry Ho rebuts an editorial in the Economist on democracy in Hong Kong I REFER TO THE article “Pliant patriots” in the Leaders Section of The […]

Henry Ho: New electoral arrangements show original design of political system

This article was the author’s speech at the Symposium of “Strengthening Confidence in True Democracy” held by the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of […]

Henry Ho: How Hong Kong’s civil service can be reformed

Jobs in the civil service have been widely regarded as unbreakable “iron rice bowls”. The civil service force is the backbone of the Hong Kong Special […]

Henry Ho: Why the Election Committee polls are a hopeful time for Hong Kong politics

The Election Committee subsector elections on Sunday will be a pivotal moment for Hong Kong. How the city conducts polls for the powerful Election Committee that […]

Henry Ho: Smearing China distracts from West’s domestic failures

While many Western countries have continued to agonize over how to combat COVID-19, the pandemic is putting China under the spotlight as never before. While China […]

Henry Ho: Hijacking well-being of people: Are the likes of the PTU still unions?

I refer to The Economist article “Teaching them a lesson”, dated Aug 21. It cited the dissolution of the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union and other […]

Edmond Sy: ‘Police state’ label hurled is anything but part of intelligent discussion

The joyful celebrations of the double anniversary on July 1 were shaded by a vicious attack that night in Causeway Bay. A “lone wolf” attacker stabbed […]