About Us


Let’s Voice out on “One Country, Two Systems”

After more than 20 years of reunification, Hong Kong and the Mainland have differing views on the practice of “One Country, Two Systems” (OCTS). Young people from both places are not having the same idea of what OCTS means due to different development paths. We need a platform for people with different ideas to debate and promote sincere dialogue between young people of Hong Kong and the Mainland.

"One Country Two Systems Youth Forum" is composed of young scholars, professionals, and politicians from Hong Kong and the Mainland. We hope to integrate the perspectives of young people from both sides of the border to conduct research and dialogue on various topics related to OCTS, and discuss its future development.

The vitality of "One Country, Two Systems" should be co-created by young people in Hong Kong and the Mainland. We are convinced that OCTS is the best institutional choice for the future development of the Mainland and Hong Kong.


“One Country, Two Systems” is a contradictory concept by definition. Without the contradiction between capitalism and socialism, there would be no OCTS. We believe that, in order to resolve the contradiction we should recognize the differences between the two systems and through sincere dialogue and communication, we could narrow down our differences and hopefully try to reach a consensus on what the future of Hong Kong should be.

Who We Are

Members include young scholars, professionals, politicians and students from Hong Kong and the Mainland. Mainland members include young scholars specializing in Hong Kong and Macao issues, some of which have studied in Hong Kong. They have published many works, participated in national-level Hong Kong and Macao research projects, and regularly published current affairs commentaries. Hong Kong members include young politicians from different parties, youth workers and Hong Kong professionals with study and working experience in the Mainland.


Logo Interpretation

The logo is an orange "dialogue box", which signifies the importance of exploring the future of “One Country, Two Systems” through dialogue. Orange stands for vitality and the bright future; Within the dialogue box is a point and a line: the point stands for Hong Kong and the line stands for Mainland China. Hong Kong is part of the nation with different political systems. As long as Hong Kong and the Mainland maintain dialogue and mutual understanding, the prospects of development for Hong Kong would be huge.