Support and Development Centre for Hong Kong and Macao Youths in Mainland China


It is estimated that several tens of thousands of Hong Kong students and graduates are currently living in the Greater Bay Area, and around 15,000 Hong Kong students are now studying in Mainland universities, more than half of which are at Guangdong province. Hong Kong graduates from Mainland universities show a high degree of willingness to integrate into the Greater Bay Area, according to a recent study by One Country Two Systems Youth Forum.

With the support of Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, One Country Two Systems Youth Forum set up the first Support and Development Centre for Hong Kong Students in Mainland China. The Centre will serve Hong Kong students and graduates in the Mainland, and to facilitate their career development in the Greater Bay Area or in Hong Kong.


  • Provide training and other support services to Hong Kong students studying in the Mainland, particularly those in the Greater Bay Area.
  • Provide comprehensive information for young people interested in studying and developing in the Mainland.
  • Provide employment and academic advancement information for Hong Kong students and graduates in the Mainland.
  • Engage Hong Kong youths studying and graduating from Mainland institutions, encourage them to integrate into the overall development of the country, in particular that of Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong.

Our Logo

The Centre’s logo incorporates the image of a “home”. It represents a home-like, reliable and warm support provided from the Centre. Orange is the theme colour of the founding organization, One Country Two Systems Youth Forum, and it symbolizes vitality and courage. Green represents the hopes and expectations of the future. Blue represents the vast sky and pioneering vision.

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Address:Guangdong and Macao Qingchuang International Industry Accelerator, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center

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