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President Donald Trump said he would strip several of Hong Kong’s special privileges after Beijing   `s announcement of introducing a new national security law. However, there is no need to overreact since capital flow has its logic and will not be affected by the new law. Meanwhile, national security is the concern of all sovereign countries, and hardly any country`s economic development is hindered by its national security laws.

Since China’s annual GDP jumped to second place in the global economy, the intention of the United States to curb China have never been changed, nevertheless, the US`s suppressionindirectly accelerates the pace of development of One Belt and One Road Initiative and Greater Bay Area, and Hong Kong’s professional services as well as the status of the international financial center will make it play a more important role in these plans, Hong Kong `s professionals and young people should be well prepared to seize the opportunity of shortage of relevant talents in these areas .


Original from: Opinion Editorial, Hong Kong Economic Times.(June 5, 2020)


The author is the Vice Chairman of One Country Two Systems Youth Forum