Henry K C HO: Home Purchases Should Be Allowed in The Greater Bay Area

  The “Greater Bay Area” (GBA) is undoubtedly one of the key focuses of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference […]

Henry K C HO: The Neglected Group: Hong Kong Students Graduated in the Mainland

In recent years, more and more Hong Kong youths have chosen to study in Mainland universities. According to statistics, there are about 15,000 Hong Kong students […]

Gordon Lam : GBA the way to resolve HK entrepreneurs’ difficulties

Hong Kong has witnessed flourishing entrepreneurial activities. According to the research by the ARETE in 2015, nearly 60% young people in HK would like to build […]

ZHANG Jian: Taiwan Solution of “One Country, Two Systems”: Lessons from Hong Kong

Earlier this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at a gathering to commemorate the 40th anniversary of issuing Message to Compatriots in Taiwan. Xi […]