Henry Ho : Rational and science-based policy against Coronavirus needed.

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What should Hong Kong do after months of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak around worldwide? The main strategy of anti-virus in Hong Kong over the past months was based on preventing the coronavirus from re-entering to cause a new infection, which is affecting people’s quality of life. Indeed, we should review the “containment” policy and have psychological preparation for the era of “coexistence with Coronavirus”, instead of implementing from science – based to scare – based policy. The most critical point of policy rationality is that all measures should be proportionate and allow citizens the opportunity to make a choice unless the situation is out of control. It should focus on persuasion and education and avoid excessive legislation or coercive measures. Also, people cannot let their guard down or fall into unnecessary panic and society must exclude politics and all kinds of irrational discrimination and hatred.


Original from: Opinion Editorial, Hong Kong Economic Times.(Mar 16, 2020)

The author is the  Chairman of One Country Two Systems Youth Forum